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Problems of Freelancers

Limited career development

You can’t find a suitable job, the industry has little room for development, the promotion channel is narrow, there are few good job opportunities, and there is no sense of accomplishment in your work. You feel that you have encountered a workplace ceiling.

In fact, you have greater ambitions, but you can’t do it.

You feel that you may have a better future development based on your own abilities.

Low income potential

The pay and return are not directly proportional, even if you work hard, you will not get enough income to satisfy you.

This may be related to the company or to the industry.

You feel that you may have a higher return on your income with your own abilities.

Disgusted with workplace rules

The annual meeting is to wear clothes that you don’t like to dance. The company has a flattering culture, there are endless boring meetings, and there are all kinds of intrigues and gossips, which make you tired.

I hate sitting and can’t be quiet.

Unable to control time

The boss has to call again to work overtime.

Every day, nine to five, commuting to and from work has been very hard. Driving traffic jams during peak hours, crowding the bus and leaving the subway makes people doubt their lives. It is also very troublesome to take time off, and they still have to work overtime.

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