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6 specific ways to make money on the Website

  1. Mail magazine

This is a method for acquiring free and paid e-mail magazines using the Website as a base for attracting customers. There are patterns to send information on the Website, such as fashion and romance courses, to acquire fans, and for companies to provide deals such as e-mail magazine reader limited coupons. There is also a way to gather readers by e-mail magazine and connect to the content sales below.


In order to start e-mail magazine, you will need e-mail magazine distribution stand besides Website. It can be used for about 5,000 DOLLARS per month. The e-mail magazine reader has the advantage that it makes it easy to decide on the offer of goods and services because it becomes a person interested in you and your company.


  1. Content sales

This is a method of selling content to the e-mail magazine readers introduced on the website and above. The content is often information merchandise or correspondence courses. The advantage of selling content is that you can decide the price of the product yourself.


In addition, since there is no risk of holding inventory for information products, considerable value is created, so there is little space problem and upfront investment.


Disadvantages are that you have to create the content yourself, and that it takes time as a seller, such as support after sales. You can outsource the creation of the product, but the price can be as high as several hundred thousand DOLLARS, so it is recommended to make it yourself, but you will need some skill.


Also, even if you put a price of tens of thousands of DOLLARS or hundreds of thousands of DOLLARS just because you can get an unlimited price, there are few cases that result in purchase, so I think that it is better to make it about the same price as competing products of the same genre .



Adsense is a pay-per-click advertisement provided by Google. If strictly classified, it is different from an affiliate. I think that there is an advertising space in the upper right of the website and in the article, but you can place advertisements as an administrator who is the website operator. Adsense is designed to receive a reward of 30 to 40 DOLLARS for each click. (The cost-per-click (CPC) varies depending on the ads being served, and the CPC may be less than 10 DOLLARS.)


The advantage of Adsense is that it automatically chooses ads. Because Google analyzes user interests and behaviors, it delivers the best ads for each searcher. As a result, clickthrough rates are high.


  1. Drop shipping

Dropshipping is a non-stock sale that does not require a net shop.

Create a Website and set up an online shop to actually sell products. Similar to affiliates, but both are different. Since affiliates must be in the “introduction” category, they cannot profess their product. The reward you get for affiliates is guaranteed. Drop shipping, on the other hand, is a system in which products are sold as their own products and purchased at the moment they are sold. The sales of the product will basically be raised by yourself. The actual amount of compensation is determined by paying a commission to the partner company.


Labor intensive

The main method of getting a reward for creating a Website is the result reward type, but there is also a method of getting a reward by creating a Website on behalf of someone else’s work.


  1. Crowdsourcing

Anyone who has a client can create a website creation agency. However, some people may find it difficult to search for job requests using only personal connections. Such people are recommended to look for work in crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is a service in which a client mediates requests to an unspecified number of workers. There are several cloud services, but the most recommended is Lancers. Various projects are introduced in crowdsourcing, so you can get a job by selecting a website creation project and applying for it.


In this way of working, you can get a stable income unlike performance-based work such as affiliates. The amount of reward increases as the degree of expertise and difficulty increases, so let’s challenge the high-priced case for highly skilled people

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