benefits of using social media

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1. Open for free

The company page can also be opened for free with only simple settings.

Speaking of user containment tools, it can be very expensive. If you create a private SNS, etc., the initial cost will be several million, and the mail delivery system will cost several hundred thousand yen for the monthly fee. You can open a Facebook page or Twitter account for free and send your information to existing and potential customers.

2. Easy to communicate and easy to get close

If you have a Facebook page, users (fans) like the content posted by your company! You can support by pushing the button and post comments.

On Twitter, users (fans) can follow the company and person accounts they want to support, receive information, and send reply comments.

Social media makes it easier for two-way communication rather than one-way communication, making it easier for fans and customers to feel close .

3. Update work becomes efficient

Compared to e-mail magazines and blogs, the amount of writing is less difficult and the update process can be carried out efficiently.

In the case of Twitter, the amount of sentences naturally decreases due to the limit of 140 characters.

Unlike e-mail magazines and blogs, although the amount of text is small, Facebook is especially good for photos and images! It will be important to select photos and images because it will affect the market share.

4. High diffusibility

“Share” for Facebook, “Retweet” for Twitter, etc., the function to “receive” and “spread” at the same time exists in the same place.

A major feature of the information that is considered “good” is that the user spreads immediately .

5. Low barrier to fan.

In the case of a Facebook page, information can be delivered simply by pressing “Like”, and in the case of Twitter, you can simply “follow” your account.

Users can continue to send information to fans and customers without having to enter personal information or have them buy something (like traditional membership registration on the Web).

It is easier to connect to smoother purchasing behavior by creating a flow that leads to your site after having a sense of familiarity through communication through Facebook page and Twitter company account. .

6. Trust

According to the Nielsen survey “Reliability by advertising format April 2009”, the most reliable information is “information from acquaintances”, followed by “reviews on the internet” at 70%. .

It spreads as trustworthy information in the form of “information from acquaintances” through diffusion functions such as “Like” and “Share” on Facebook and “Retweet” on Twitter.

7. Positive reaction can be expected

Although it is a merit unique to Facebook, not only the expression “Like!” .

It can be said that it is easy to use it for corporate marketing because the majority of positive reactions.

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