The impact of social media on SEO

Social media influences

Today, social media is now an effective channel for marketing strategies, known as social media strategies. Social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are always together. Many people question and question whether social media affects search engine optimization rankings. Google’s answer is: “No, at least not directly.” However, there are facts …

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Do marketing, SEO or social media

The relationship between social media marketing and SEO may be confusing. Does social media affect search rankings? Should the social media team have a place in SEO? Common misconceptions can cause some marketers to not know how to balance the relationship between them and maximize benefits. In fact, the combination of social media …

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How to use social media to benefit your SEO work?

As early as 2008, search engine observation published the article “Social Media and Search Engine Optimization – Helpful Friends”, and I strongly recommend that you read it now to clearly remind the digital world how much progress has been made in the past nine years. Some of the key statistics …

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Why trust is very important Google

has one of the main reasons why social media influence ranks above the backlinks, “Trust.” The influence of social media is even more real. If a page has been shared thousands of times, Google knows that the content may be good. Previously, Google would look at the backlinks to the domain. Now, social …

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The influence of social media on ranking factors

4 Social media platforms, driven by the results of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google. I believe that LinkedIn will definitely include 2016. The company is in a great way, I think Google likes it. LinkedIn has become a publisher, and you heard that in 2016, LinkedIn will have something to say when they …

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Facebook is the top social media signal.

When we see a lot of people saying that Google is the top social media signal, our case studies and experience tell us Facebook. We have seen Google+ load-bearing but intermittent. Facebook is the consistent and most important social signal to drive an increase in SEO rankings. In the past year, various …

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