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competitive advantage of digital marketing

 The digital marketing has many unprecedented competitive advantages: it can integrate various marketing activities such as product description, promotion, customer opinion survey, advertising, public relations, customer service, etc., one-to-one communication, and truly achieve marketing. The combined effect pursued by the combination. These marketing activities are not limited by time and geography. They are integrated with text, sound, video, web and audiovisual, dynamically or statically displayed, and can be updated quickly and easily, and consumers can also browse the query repeatedly. Combining these functions is equivalent to creating countless dealers and business representatives.

Market problems solved by digital marketing

The four major problems in the market to be solved by digital marketing

(1) Solve the problem of asymmetry in marketing information of enterprises.

Enterprises have more backlogs based on regular marketing inventory. Usually, according to their own subjective imagination, manufacturers first create thousands of pieces of the same product, and then wholesale them to local shopping malls. As a result, many products do not meet the needs of consumers. These products have a large backlog, some in stock for several months, and some even inventories for several years. After long-term inventory, commercial enterprises cut prices again. In the mall, you can often see slogans such as “big price cuts” and “big auctions”. The blind production of enterprises is caused by the fact that enterprises cannot timely count and respond to market sales, resulting in increased product inventory, lengthened capital turnover, and untimely recovery of goods. This not only seriously affects the economic benefits of enterprises, affects the survival and development of enterprises, and reduces the return on investment and profitability of enterprises. It also affects the image of the company and reduces the value of the corporate brand.

On the other hand, the smashing of goods between marketers not only hurts the channel and price system of the production company, but also creates the impression that the heart is too dark in the head of the loyal customers. If there is a product or a market, there will be a phenomenon of dumping goods. Therefore, the topic of dumping goods and anti-selling goods can be said to be profound and long-lasting. Some even compare the enterprise and enterprise goods to the relationship between the Tao and the devil. A contest. The root of all this is that the marketing information of the products is not symmetrical, and the company cannot know the marketing information of the products in time.

(2) Solve the problem of fake goods being weak and illegal.

Some statistics show that counterfeiting is increasing dramatically in China. Not only is the number growing, but the way of fraud is constantly changing. In recent years, some counterfeiters have intensified their efforts to manufacture counterfeit imported products, and have faked counterfeit products into brand owners or their licensees, and manufactured and imported products into China in another market. What’s more, some counterfeiters also export counterfeit imports to other countries and regions. The number of counterfeit products is increasing day by day. Due to the poor ability of counterfeiting in the dark and people’s ability to identify fake goods, due to insufficient legal support, the effect of counterfeiting by enterprises or individuals is not good. The two major difficulties of experts’ counterfeiting are very representative: First, the laws and regulations are not perfect, and the punishment for fake and fake sellers is too light. Second, serious local protectionism has led to a large number of professional areas for counterfeiting and selling. However, various anti-counterfeiting technologies that are popular in the market are often stuck in the stage of commodity marking due to the mistake of anti-counterfeiting concept. Because the accurate verification rate of consumers is low, the anti-counterfeiting effect is minimal, and the actual anti-counterfeiting effect is very poor. The inability of counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting to make counterfeit and shoddy products also lead consumers to lose confidence in some brands and bring devastating blows to these brands.

(3) Solving the problem of the limitation of promotion

The usual merchandise promotion is an invoice lottery or a scratch-type logo lottery on the merchandise. There are also manufacturers who put the prize or cash directly into the box of the merchandise. Although this method is simple and easy to implement, there is only one product. Promotional effects, and this kind of promotion is increasingly lacking in freshness for consumers. In the face of an increasingly fierce competitive market, in order to promote product sales, various businesses have made every effort to make a variety of discounts, promotions and gift gifts. However, looking at the behavior of most merchants, they only promote for promotion. They do not combine the other elements of marketing through the promotion behavior, resulting in the market being cool after the promotion. On the one hand, the promotion makes the profits of the company decline. On the other hand, more consumers are worried about the quality of the “strike products” in these price wars. I don’t know if these prices are lower than before, and the quality is also followed. Have you come down together?

(4) Solving the problem of low advertising efficiency

The rapid development of the economy has brought about the rapid development of the media and the accelerated pace of people’s lives. The fast pace of life and the prosperous entertainment programs have led to a significant reduction in the efficiency of consumer acceptance of advertising. Each Chinese person receives an average of 500 advertisements per day. Harassment, while in the United States this number is 5,000 times. On the one hand, the company has spent a lot of manpower and material resources on advertising, while on the other hand, the efficiency of advertising has been greatly reduced. Someone used SMS to send 2 million messages and only 50 respondents, the main reason for this situation. The advertisement is not targeted, that is, the consumer group is not subdivided according to the consumption situation, that is, there is no place to find out the fish school, and there is little income from the sky.

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