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Costs for creating a Website

  1. Domain agreement

The Website must obtain the domain that corresponds to the “address” on the web. Domains can be contracted with a domain contractor (registrar). The recommended company is Mu Mu Domain.


  1. Server contract

A server whose domain and set correspond to “land” on the web. There are several server contract companies, but the most famous is the company called X Server. If you are not particular about it, there is no problem if you subscribe to X server.


  1. Introduction of CMS

CMS (Content Management System) is an abbreviation for content management system, and is a system that supports site creation work. Even if you don’t have a CMS, you can create a Website or website by specifying HTML or CSS by yourself, but this requires complex work. On the other hand, if CMS and site creation tools such as WordPress and SIRIUS are introduced, the site can be created intuitively. Let’s introduce people who are not particular about it.


Expensive items for Website creation

From here, we will explain more advanced tools and knowledge to create and earn a Website.


4.Google Analytics

It is a free access analysis service provided by Google. It’s not necessary when there is little access, but if you are aiming for a large site or owned media, make sure to install it. By analyzing this information, you will be able to take the necessary measures to gather more access and to close the deal.


  1. Search console

The search console is a tool for site administrators that Google provides for free. In addition to some access analysis, you can do index application. In order to attract customers from search engines, it is essential to apply at the initial stage of site operation, so be sure to introduce it.


  1. SEO knowledge

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means search engine optimization. In short, it is a measure to be performed so that the search engine can be displayed at the top. This SEO knowledge is indispensable if you make money by making Websites and websites. Black SEO was popular in the mid-2000s, but now white SEO, which does not use the method of self-made, is becoming mainstream.


  1. Knowledge of HTML

Creating a home page may require knowledge of HTML languages, CSS, and other markup languages. Using CMS has made it easier to create a site, but knowledge of HTML, CSS, etc. is required when tweaking details such as site design. Let’s study if you can afford.

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