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Digital marketing features

Digital marketing has the following characteristics:

Quick response

Integration enables tight integration of the front and back offices, and this integration is the basis for quickly responding to the individual needs of customers.

After-sales service

 It can realize the one-stop marketing channel from product information to collection and after-sales service.

Coordinate marketing activities

The enterprises can use the Internet to conduct unified design planning and coordinated implementation of different communication marketing activities to avoid the negative impact of different communication inconsistencies.

User-friendly marketing method

Personalized service, digital marketing provides personalized products according to customers’ needs, and can track each customer’s sales habits and hobbies, and recommend related products. Promotion on the Internet is a low-cost and user-friendly marketing method.

Richer product information

The Internet can provide detailed specifications, technical indicators, warranty information, usage methods, etc. of current products, and even provide answers to common problems. Users can easily find products, prices, brands, etc. via the Internet.

Unlimited choice

With a larger choice of space, digital marketing will not be limited by the shelf and inventory, providing a huge product display and sales of the ballroom, allowing customers to provide almost unlimited choice.

Limited cost

The lower cost advantage, the release of information on the Internet, the cost is limited, the products are directly sold to consumers, the distribution link can be shortened, the information released can be obtained independently, and the sales scope can be broadened, so that the promotion cost can be saved, thereby reducing Cost makes the product competitively priced.

Audience is accurate

Most of the customers who come to visit are interested in such products, the audience is accurate, avoiding many useless information transmission and saving money. It is also possible to adjust the inventory quantity and reduce the inventory cost according to the order status.

Flexible market

More flexible marketing, product types, prices and marketing methods can be adjusted according to customer needs, competitive environment or inventory situation. The network can surpass the space-time restrictions and multimedia sound and light functions, and can play the innovation of marketing personnel.

More comparisons

Optimize services, one-to-one service for digital marketing, leaving customers with more space for free consideration, avoiding impulse shopping, and making decisions after more comparisons.

Timely manner

Online services can be 24 hours of service and are faster. Not only after-sales service, in the process of customer consultation and purchase, the company can provide services in a timely manner to help customers complete the purchase. Usually the cost of after-sales service accounts for 67% of the development cost, and the provision of network services can reduce this cost.

In addition, digital marketing is also characterized by multimedia, time and space, interactive, anthropomorphic, advanced, efficient, and economical. Due to the use of various attributes of digital products, digital marketing has added many new traits based on the transformation of traditional marketing methods.

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