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Facebook is the top social media signal.

When we see a lot of people saying that Google is the top social media signal, our case studies and experience tell us Facebook. We have seen Google+ load-bearing but intermittent. Facebook is the consistent and most important social signal to drive an increase in SEO rankings.

In the past year, various SEO projects, I worked with my team. From the hands-on SEO strategy to search engine optimization consulting, we have ended at each of the spectra. I have seen the greatest impact of social media, and I see it falling. In our case study, it is important to pay attention to the metrics of the domain’s website.

At the time, there was a 22da. 23000 backlinks. So we know that if the site has more backlinks and authority, the impact of social media will be higher. This may be more natural than the impact, but it is worth noting.

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