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Google is optimistic about social media as a ranking system.

I thought about it carefully, but I think it’s fair to say that Google is optimistic about social media as a ranking system. In SEO, what we learned is that backlinks are like a rating system. Popular content gets backlinks, and these links are actively voted on the site. Think about it, if you post content on the site, do you link to anyone? Maybe a few years ago, but now? You do not know. Unless you know that the link you sent is to be trusted. why? Well, if you link to a bad website, the website, Google treats it as spam and it will hurt your ranking. This still applies today, you can’t link to anyone.

The theme of link building, we can die for time. But we will stay in another article. Now, in search engine 2015, we see a vote of confidence in social media signals. why? Because we just don’t share anything unless we are a marketer. We only share what we like, we find articles that are of interest to us, and we feel connected. We don’t know, the only relatives, Google also. As a result, Google can measure the mass ratio of any given web page through social media alone. This is due to the fact that Google uses social media as a factor that heavily influences SEO rankings.

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