Here are 39 ways to make money with a simple blog:

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  1. Sell ​​a file

This is undoubtedly the best-known, and probably the most cost-effective method. Write an Ebook. Record audio or video files. Sell ​​them. It takes work to create a quality product and sales talent, but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to drive online sales and revenue.

2.Rent your mailing list

Already have a few thousand subscribers to your mailing-list? This list is worth gold. The idea is to mention in your promotional emails other blogs or other products, against payment. One of my blogs is dedicated to clay pigeon shooting (this is one of my hobbies). A great brand one day offered me to talk about it via an email sent to my readers. I refused because it does not fit my philosophy, but I can tell you that the offer was considerable.

3.Use Adsense to display ads

Still a very known way. You will display advertising on your site via Adsense. The advantage is that it is a passive income, which does not require work. The problem is that it takes a lot of traffic to make it big. The kind of traffic out of reach of bloggers lambda.

4.Sell ​​a subscription

This is one of the most profitable monetization techniques. Charge monthly for access to information. What’s cool is that customers typically sign up for 6 to 12 months before terminating. This gives you a good visibility on your income. Many US sites in the field of golf and tennis practice this. You pay a monthly fee and you have unlimited access to all their online courses. It also avoids the effort of having to convince your fans every time you bring out a new product.

5.Sell ​​the listing to your list

Do you offer a free file on your site to capture the email of your visitors? Good idea. The worry is that free will automatically reduce the quality of your list. You get contacts that are sometimes moderately interested. People are downloading just because it’s free. But having a lot of people is not good for anything. What you need, are GOOD. Those who are really interested and who can become fans. One way to do this is to sell your ebook for 1 or 2 euros. Not only will this generate revenue, but your list will be made up of really passionate people.

6.Sell ​​physical products

It is the “material” equivalent of the sale of information products. In less profitable. You must buy or manufacture your products, manage inventory. These products can have a low price (goodies with your logo, T-shirts, badges, pens very easy to make online). So as not to bother you with stock management, you can sell a very limited quantity (50 products) and make a flash sale by emphasizing the urgency and the scarcity of the offer.

7.Sell ​​your blog

If you can create a popular site, you can sell it. The example of Ramsey Taplin is quite famous on the Internet, with the sale of one of his blogs for 20 000 dollars, after only 8 months of existence.

8.Sell ​​your ebook on Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform that connects buyers and sellers of services. You can buy on this site a multitude of small services from 5 dollars. For example, an infographic, a translation, likes, followers … We find everything. Why not sell one of your old ebooks? Take your ebook. Have it translated on Fiverr, in English, to reach a wide audience (count $ 5 per 250 words for quality translation). Create a seller account and sell your ebook in English to millions of potential customers.

9.Sell ​​on Skillshare or Udemy

These sites operate on the same principle as Fiverr. They connect buyers and sellers. Except that you will be able to sell your content at a much higher price . This is a great way to start an online business, especially if your website traffic is moribund. Be careful, these sites charge a lot of commissions and a careful reading of their general conditions is imperative to avoid unpleasant surprises. The good side is that these sites are extremely busy. The commercial potential is very important.

10.Sell ​​your coaching online

Instead of selling products, sell a coaching interview. The sites specializing in successful job interview are the great specialists , but this can be reflected in many businesses, perhaps yours. You can include your coaching in a complete pack of your Ebook, videos, and one-to-one coaching via Skype.

11.Sell ​​other people’s products

Affiliate. The great classic of the sale of information products on the net. Pat Flynn generates more than $ 80,000 a month by selling products designed by others on her site. Warning. Choose carefully who you work with. Check the quality of the product. Promote it carefully. Look at the commissions. This is an effective way to make ends meet without having to create a single product.

12.Sell ​​guest items on your site

Here is a technique a bit extreme. Do you have a dominant blog, do you refer to your niche? Do you have requests for guest items? Why not consider charging authors who publish on your site. After all, they will benefit your audience and gain traffic. What can be paid for. Warning: this is really an extreme technique, which can get you a bad reputation online.

13.Sell ​​your guest item

It’s the opposite. You are still an authority in your field. Why not imagine that you are writing on other sites for a fee? A huge site like SheKnows pays $ 60 per guest article. Look for “paid guest article” and you will see that many sites offer contributors’ remuneration.

14.Sell ​​job offers

This is a very profitable technique that can be found on many sites. The idea is to post job offers related to your niche, on your blog. You can either charge the ad or take a commission when the offer is filled. Problogger, one of the biggest webmarketing sites, 

15.Sell ​​a link exchange

Another extreme technique. You will be paid for the link exchange. After all, site directories like Blogorama charge premium signup to display your link. Why not imagine that you put a “recommended sites” field, with some links that you charge? Beware, the paid link exchange is against Google’s webmaster guidelines. But if you only have 4 or 5 paid links, via Paypal, I do not see how Google could see it.

16.Sell ​​a live demo

This is one of the favorite techniques of affiliate salespeople. You do a long article in which you present the features of a product, how you use it, what it has brought you. At the end of the article, you propose a purchase link for this product.

17.Sell ​​a promotion with Twitter

Do you have Twitter followers? This is valuable. You can ask for compensation from a site or brand that you want to promote. Kris Sanchez, who owns the UberFact Twitter account, earns $ 500,000 a year from brands that want to be mentioned in his tweets.

18.Sell ​​a Facebook promo

Same thing with Facebook. Why not imagine that you’re selling a product on your Facebook page, for a fee?

  1. Sell ​​a “field” coaching with displacement

Nothing prevents you from moving to coaching, in the field with your clients. If you have a blog about beauty or decoration, you can go to your customers and solve their problems. Ditto if you blog about the sport, you can move and give a paying course.

  1. Sell ​​your seminar

A blog is a great way to promote your conferences. Crowd of American coaches offer seminars, which can bring together up to 5000 paying people! Chris Brogan and Tony Robbins are among the best known. It’s very easy to invite your mailing list subscribers to an online conference, paying, or to organize a seminar in a hotel. If you have 5,000 registered, and only 1% of people register with a price of 70 euros, you earn 3500 euros for two hours of work. Not bad !

  1. Sell ​​the seminar from another

You can fully promote another blogger’s seminar on your site, for a fee, or by taking a percentage on the customers you bring back. Just give a discount code to your visitors, which will facilitate the calculation on your part. An effective way to take advantage of your online reputation, without the need to host any conference.

  1. Sell ​​themes

Everyone thinks in the first place about the sale of information products. But there are plenty of things to sell! WordPress themes are a track. A good theme, professional, customizable to envy, is worth several hundred euros. Why not develop a very niche-specific theme with a developer and sell it, or sell themes created by others in affiliation?

  1. Sell ​​code

It’s the same principle. Imagine that you have an idea of ​​an innovative IT solution on your blog. For example, you talk about dog training and you create a file to archive the dog’s progress. Nothing prevents you from reselling this code as an application for example. Make a quote with a developer and see the number of sales to do to amortize your investment!

  1. Sell ​​your testimony

Why not imagine that you will bring your bond to a very niche product, related to a theme, against payment? After all, many celebrities are paid by big brands to appear in pubs. Imagine that a blogger sells a product in your theme, he could pay you a remuneration in exchange for your testimony, which he will include in his sales page. An example: you blog about dog training, and you’ve tested a revolutionary leash. The leash maker will include your enthusiastic testimonial in his ad, and pay you in exchange.

  1. Sell ​​an insert in your newsletter

Do you have a big mailing list in a particular niche? You can add an advertising banner in the footer of your emails, for a fee.

  1. Sell ​​an inset on your site

I’m not talking about including an Adsense banner, but simply renting a space from your homepage to a particular brand. How much is it worth?  Shoemoney (big site anyway ) sells his inserts up to $ 3,000 for a month.

  1. Sell ​​plugins

You surely know the example of Glen Allsopp . This SEO specialist has designed the Optinskin plugin which is used to generate custom email capture forms. I do not know how much he has sold, but heavyweight affiliates like Pat Flynn are promoting this plugin (which I personally do not like). At $ 97 the unlimited license, it probably generated a small fortune.

  1. Sell ​​your address book

Facilitator. Intermediate. A job as old as the world, that one exercises via a blog. Do you know the sizes of your theme? Why not sell this information to bloggers who want to break into and join the network? For example, why not sell an exhaustive list of quality blogs that accept guest blogging? Finally, it is Linkedin’s principle. Connect people to each other

  1. Sell ​​product placement with your videos

Product placement is well known in the film industry. James Bond wears an Omega watch. We see the product placement on YouTube. Some popular Youtubers are dressed from head to toe by brands that pay them. If you are an authority in your niche, why not contact a brand and include its products in your videos?

I take the example of dog training: if you see in your videos that the dog is rewarded by the biscuit “bidule”, it’s probably something you can monetize. You can show the tools you use, wear advertising caps, put inserts in the background, for a fee.

  1. Sell ​​your audience to your service providers

Extreme Tactics: Do you work with a particular programmer or graphic designer on your site, and the result is amazing? All your readers ask you by mail “but how do you do it? Your service provider will have an additional business opportunity. Propose him to quote his name on your site for a fee.

  1. Sell ​​certifications with exams

You are a recognized size. You sell training. Why not also sell a quality exam that gives rise to a degree? After all, you have to pay to pass the driving license. If you’re the big dog training specialist, why not sell the participation in “dog training dog training”, giving rise to a diploma? In addition, the candidate will be tempted to buy your trainings to succeed. Double shot.

  1. Sell ​​your list to big ones

Your readers will leave their email on your blog. This list, very targeted, is worth gold. Brands dream of expanding their customer portfolio and are ready to pay a high price. So, instead of just renting your mailing list, why not sell it to a company that will enrich its customer book? Be careful, be honest: warn your readers that their data may be sold.

  1. Sell ​​your gear

You just bought a computer? Resell the old. Do you make video and reinvest in new material? Talk about it on your blog, you will have interested customers. If you blog on the theme of cooking, you use equipment, utensils, robots … This stuff has a value. So, do not hesitate to resell from time to time.

  1. Edit Your Ebook on Kindle

Editing a real book is a galley. Months of expectations. Constant corrections. Now take your Ebook, go to Amazon, convert it to Kindle, and sell it. You can find everything there. From the book to 1 euro, up to the highest price, from mediocre to very good. Another way to make money online.

  1. Request a donation

And yes, nobody thinks about it. It’s easy to insert a little donate button to Paypal. If your site is a good cause, this is a very effective way to raise money.

  1. Charge a round-up

A blogger asks you to participate in a round-up? What is it about ? Imagine a blogger preparing a compilation of the “50 best dog training articles on the net”. He will contact you and ask you if you are OK to participate in the experience, in other words that your article is among the 50 best on the net, nothing prevents you from asking for compensation.

  1. Lock part of your articles

One can easily imagine a blog full of free articles that contains an audio or video podcast, for a fee.

  1. Sell ​​your domain names

In the early 2000s, a clever little was able to retire after selling the name “” for several million. The name was sold in the fall of 2014 for $ 200,000 . If you have a hollow nose, you can buy a quantity of domain names, it only costs a handful of euros.

  1. Sell ​​your interview

Some sites practice the interview of bloggers in the chain. Others run their business solely on this model, like Yaro Starak. Nothing prevents you from coining your interview, even if it is still an extreme technique!

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