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How do Internet startups reduce operating costs?


Internet companies want to control costs, the first thing to understand is the following:

  1. Small businesses want to control costs, the most important thing is that the company’s general manager has a sense of cost control.
  2. The best managers can effectively manage up to 6,7 people, and can fully control and understand the progress, content and efficiency of these 6,7 people. There are not many small business people, and the general manager can easily penetrate his own cost control ideas into every level. But big companies want to reduce operating costs is not an easy task. Because of the size of the company, the general manager’s idea of ​​reducing costs is sometimes difficult to 100% enforced by the various subordinates to the final six-person management.
  3. Some methods of small enterprises are not applicable in large enterprises, because large enterprises are receiving a lot of public attention, especially listed companies, and they are subject to many levels of supervision.
  4. Good finance can reasonably avoid taxation for enterprises. this point is very important.
  5. Internet products are best a product that is suitable for word of mouth.

Office space: There are not many people, you can find a residential house, not a high-end community.

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