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How to avoid the 9 most common search engine optimization (SEO) errors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool that you should use in your digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimization is a special standard and algorithm used by search engines such as Dubai to determine which pages are most relevant to the search query. But if the search engine optimization strategy goes wrong, it will actually have the opposite effect, moving your web page away from people’s eyes, so your customers will never find you. Let’s take a look at how to avoid the most common mistakes in search engine optimization.

1, the site loading time is too long

Images, videos, banner ads, and other style factors are an important part of attracting visitors. Should you add them at the expense of page load speed? The answer is: no!

One of the ways that search engines like Baidu determine whether your site is “high quality” is to see when visitors stay on your page and where they are on your site. If your site takes too long to load, visitors will give up and close the page before they understand your business. This will tell the search engine that your site is not relevant or important, which will lower your site’s ranking on search engines.

2, you did not provide valuable relevant content

The goal of search engines is to place the most relevant and valuable sites at the top of the search engine. This means that there is nothing wrong with creating content for SEO, you only need to create the most valuable, relevant, and quality content. Search engines are becoming smarter and better at judging the quality of page content, so you should never try to post bad content on a blog, e-book or page.

3, navigation is not clear

Your website design should give priority to simple and clear navigation so that visitors can quickly and easily find the most important information. Poor navigation can frustrate users, and they may leave your site early for this reason.

4, do not optimize redirection

Ensuring that the 301 or 302 redirect is correct helps ensure that the page remains valid even after the URL has been moved. These steps help maintain the hard-won trust and authority of the site. Try to avoid 404. If you remove a link from your website to another external website, 301 jumps to the nearest related page or your home page.

5, incorrectly get backlinks

If you have an understanding of search engine optimization, you should know how important backlinks are to building website authority. However, you should never spend money on backlinks or try to get them manually in any way. The best way to get a natural backlink is to create a website with rich value information that other websites want to link to.

6, do not pay attention to location information

If you don’t notice the keyword based on location information, then you lose the important opportunity to enhance your business image. Recent research has shown that up to 92% of consumers conduct local searches before visiting a physical store.

7. Ignore internal links

While backlinks are more valuable for search engine optimization, you should optimize the terms of inbound links so that search engines can learn more about your business.

8, look forward to getting results soon

It takes time to build a search engine optimization strategy, so be patient. Any “quick fix” is unreliable, even using black hat technology, which ultimately hurts your business.

9, you are using black hat technology

Never use black hat technology for whatever reason. Search engines continue to improve their detection of how websites try to “spoof” the system, and while these technologies may achieve significant results in the short term, they will eventually fail. Once your site is marked as using black hat technology, then it’s almost impossible to rebuild your reputation, so don’t use black hat technology.

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