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Internal links are not penalties

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False perception that internal links are not penalized

Many blog guides and sites say that SEO has internal and external measures, and external measures that are mainly backlinks are penalized, so internal measures should be strengthened. There are many. An internal link is an internal countermeasure. Any explanation states that internal links are not penalized, which is a misunderstanding. Excessive internal links will be penalized and lowered. In the first place, it is natural that Google, which is trying to eliminate black hats thoroughly, thinks that it should not leave internal links that have been stretched to raise the search ranking, but for some reason there is a penalty for internal links There are few sites that explain what exists.

1. Internal links are not penalized and have an SEO effect if you have an appropriate site design

If you write a site that you have written, but the ranking does not go into the first page and you can ignore it, you may want to experiment with it. Let’s make an internal link against I think you’ll notice that your ranking has dropped after two days. This is a penalty. However, unlike taking a penalty on an external link, you will not be notified of the penalty when viewed on the Webmaster Tools. This is because there is no internal link provision in Google’s guidelines, so it can not be judged by non-existing law, but on the other hand, it can not be left, so it seems that a penalty is imposed without notice It is. For publishers, it’s a more annoying problem that they don’t know why they lost their rankings because of no notifications, but they continue to write high-quality articles despite not using black-hat means. However, if you lose your ranking, we recommend that you remove all internal links in the article. Internal link penalties are very quickly reflected in the search order, with results appearing in a day or two. Of course, if this method shows that the penalty on the internal link is not the cause, you can restore the internal link. Similarly, the result is restored in one or two days. In this way, the results of the internal link are reflected quickly, so if there is a fuzzy thought of the penalty in the internal link, we recommend that you release the internal link once. However, you won’t be penalized for links from blog parts such as regular sidebars or recent articles, so you only need to modify the quotes in the article.

2. Cases where you receive a penalty on an internal link

There are many web pages that explain how to create internal links. In other words, in order to strengthen the site with internal links, the entire design must be designed in advance, and the internal links must be established according to the design. This is a professional site, because it comes from site design, so I am not bothered by it, but in general, considering the overall site structure, writing articles according to the rules is rare, and articles that continue to be written In order to make the internal link a little stronger, the internal link is made to the past article, so it becomes a messy internal structure, and as a result, it takes a penalty. In short, logical internal links lead to user friendliness and raise the ranking, but unintentionally and intentionally embedded internal links are considered to be of poor quality and penalties are just lost. The order will be lowered.

3. Beginners are more likely to be penalized by internal links

Beginners who are desperate to make money with affiliates will end up devoting themselves to increasing the number of pages and creating links. However, as a result that is easy to imagine, the increased number of internal links is like a thread that is tangled when viewed from the whole, and can be easily determined in software. For this reason, Google is easily discovered and penalized. However, as mentioned above, the webmaster does not say anything, so there is a problem that it is impossible to judge whether or not a penalty has been incurred.

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 Internal links are formed in an orderly and organized manner

These two must be protected. Excessive internal links are only penalized. However, the penalty for this internal link is not large, and it is a level that can be lowered by about 20 places at the maximum. Beginners who cannot design the overall structure of the site should keep only the sidebar, rather than using the internal links in the article. From there, if you increase the number of internal links little by little and see the rise and fall of the ranking, you will see what kind of internal links are effective and when you will receive a penalty. Changes to internal links will be reflected immediately, so if you fail, you won’t suffer a big scratch, so please consider it.


Many people think internal links are not penalized, but Google penalizes excessive internal links. However, this penalty is not noticed to the webmaster tool, and it is not easy to notice because the rank to be lowered is not flashy. If you’re thinking of making money with an affiliate, it’s better to keep it in the sidebar and not use the internal links in the article. The impact of internal links will be reflected in about 1 to 2 days, so once the site is completed to some extent, organize the structure in your head, set up the internal links, OK when the ranking goes up, NG when you go down and try NG If you proceed with the error, you will see what internal links should be configured. Please try to avoid only tangled spaghetti.

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