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Pros and cons of Website creation

There are several ways to make money by creating websites and websites. The methods can be broadly divided into two types depending on how the reward is received. There are two types: labor-intensive, where you can receive rewards for your work, and performance-based rewards, where you can receive rewards according to your results. There are advantages and disadvantages to each job.

One of the benefits of doing a side job, such as crowd sourcing, is that you will always get a reward. Affiliates and ad sense don’t suffer big losses, but there is a good chance that the reward will not go up. So this type of side job is for people who want to get paid.
Crowd sourcing is always rewarding, but regular requests (requests for non-professional customers) can reduce the unit price. Therefore, when doing labor-intensive side business such as crowd-sourcing, the strategy is to either increase the unit price by working on specialized projects, or increase the total amount of compensation by handling a large number of low-remuneration projects. Let’s do it.

Performance reward type
Let’s take a look at the characteristics of the sideline that corresponds to the performance reward type such as affiliate.

The merit of the performance-based advertising business is that you do not have to have inventory. For this reason, there is an advantage that there is no need for upfront investment by purchasing, and even ordinary people can easily enter. Another advantage is that the maintenance cost is low. Basically, you only have to sign up for a server and domain, so you can keep the monthly spending down to a few thousand DOLLARS.

Anyone can continue with a low budget, but since the reward is paid only for the results that the person has achieved, there are many people who do not get the reward at all. Also, since specialized knowledge such as site creation and SEO is required, many people feel that it is difficult because a large amount of study is required when a beginner starts.

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