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Search engine optimization classification

Search engine optimization is divided into off-site SEO and on-site SEO. SEO’s main job is to optimize the search engine by understanding how various search engines crawl the Internet pages, how to index them, and how to determine the ranking of search results for a particular keyword. The technology that ranks, thereby increasing the number of visits to the website, and ultimately improving the sales ability or promotion ability of the website.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO, can also be said to be off-site search engine technology, named from the impact of external sites on the search engine rankings, these external factors are beyond the control of the site. The most useful and powerful external site factor is the backlink, which we call external links. Undoubtedly, external links play an important role in the inclusion of a site into the search engine results page.

So how do you generate high quality backlinks?

1.High quality content

The best way to generate high-quality external links is to write high-quality content, and your article will allow readers to read the desire to read and reprint the article.

2. Partner, professional exchange

Recommend links to each other with partners. Link to industry websites and related websites

3. Categories

Submit the website to the DMOZ directory, yahoo directory, ODP directory, some professional directory sites

4. Social bookmarking

Add the website to Baidu collection, Yahoo collection, Google bookmarks, QQ bookmarks and other social bookmarks

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