SEO optimization basics

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  • Define the name of the website, select the domain name for registration.
  • Analyze the content around the core of the website.
  • Collect information, organize, modify, create, and add information according to the website section
  • Choose a stable security server to ensure that the website can be opened normally within 24 hours and the network speed is stable.
  • Analyze the relevant long tail keywords of the website and add them to the content reasonably.
  • Reasonable exchange of links related to the website, can not exchange links with the industry-independent websites that the search engine penalizes
  • Create maps that generate XML and HTML for search engines to crawl web content
  • Define TITLE, META tags for each page, the title is concise, META surrounds the topic keywords
  • Websites frequently update relevant information content, disable collection, add by hand, original is better
  • Place a website statistics calculator to analyze what the website traffic is. What content the user pays attention to, modify, add, and increase the user experience according to the user’s needs.
  • The website is beautiful in design, the menu is clear, and the color of the website is reasonable.
  • Reasonable SEO optimization, should not use mass-sending software, link trading, prohibiting cheating for search engine page ranking (SPAM), reasonable optimization and promotion
  • It is necessary to be cautious in revising the version. After the website is formed or included, it is necessary to avoid revision or delete the content as much as possible. This will generate a dead chain and have a negative impact on the website.

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