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Social media marketing in 5 minutes

What is social media marketing? It is literally marketing activities using social media, but we are not really sure what social media is.


As evidence, we casually paraphrased social media as SNS. But SNS is not social media. Let’s start from here.


  • Table of Contents
  • SNS definition
  • Definition of social media
  • Connect by people or by preference
  • The future of social media marketing
  1. Definition of SNS

SNS is an abbreviation for “Social Networking Service”. In other words, it is a service that builds social networks (connections between individuals and organizations that catch things, information, and value) on the Internet .


The first SNS to break in Japan is mixi. At the beginning of the establishment, it was a service that required the invitation of existing members to join, and it was exactly the media that was called SNS. The word SNS spread with mixi, and it became a synonym for social media. Facebook is now a typical example of SNS. LINE will also have a strong social networking element.


However, Facebook’s US has the word SNS, but it is not as popular as Japanese. There are more people called “Social media” than that. The image of “social network” is not so conscious.


Of course, even in Japanese, there are not so many people who say SNS while being aware of social networks. The reason that mixi was first used is that it is used because it is convenient because it is easier to write “SNS” and fewer characters than “social media”.


However, if you focus on the definition of words, the word SNS will be inconvenient. For example, Twitter professes that it is not SNS. It is not intended to build a social network.

Twitter is a media that focuses on the spread of information rather than the connection of people and organizations, and as a result of exchanging information, social networks may start up, but that is not the original purpose . So, follow and followers are asymmetric, unlike friends who have a one-to-one relationship with Facebook. The same is true for Instagram and Pinterest.


Did you understand that Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are not social networks, so they are not simply social networks? With this in mind, aren’t Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest social media?


No, it ’s social media.

Definition of social media

So what is social media?


Social media is a collective term for “two-way media that everyone can participate in. ” Social media is an information network that expands as participants become senders, communicators, and receivers of information .


Connections between individuals and organizations—with or without social networking. In other words, SNS is part of a larger category of social media .


  1. Connect by people or preference

So what is the name of social media but not SNS?


Certainly, you can name it individually, such as Twitter, Instagram, wall graffiti, or message board. However, there is no generally popular word that is a concept of SNS that collectively refers to those named.


  1. Future of social media marketing

The strategy will also change because it ’s a different approach, whether you ’re developing account persuasion or content appeal.


For example, when you are marketing at CNS, you don’t necessarily need to set up an account or inspire influencers.

We just need to be able to provide “topics = everyone’s favorite content” on social media. Design stories that look like Instagram and Twitter, and let users get excited. This is also social media marketing (in fact, we often use accounts and advertisements for support purposes, but that is just to maximize effectiveness).


Anyway, even if you want to send a ton of information itself, send it with an account, organize it by tagging, etc., edit text, images, videos easily so that it can easily reach the target cluster, keywords that are easy to get caught It will be important to prepare.


Also, if you have an account with a strong brand or organization from the outset, the content can be quite effective even if the content is somewhat mediocre. Well with the referred to as “Hello” to people who do not know, than being referred to as “Hello” to the longing of the people and the brand is not different from the other appreciating at all.


Even if it is a famous brand that does not seem to be related to you, you may feel close when you talk to a close friend, and people in a large company show a ghost that is not like a large company, and the gap of the user’s mind The technique of grabbing is often used.


If it is a case where there is not so much brand power, it is a composite type, and at the beginning it is CNS type that uses a lot of resources to create content and creates the influence of the account, then if the number of good followers increases or it is easy to engage In some cases, the proportion of SNS approaches will be increased.

Now, the question remains: “SNS or CNS, which is effective after all?”


This has no body or lid, but the conclusion depends on the purpose and the overall strategy. Depending on the purpose, we may not even recommend social media marketing in the first place.


SNS marketing and CNS marketing are part of social media marketing, but social media marketing is also part of marketing .


In social marketing, how to position and use SNS in CNS is important for social media marketing, and we always support it from that viewpoint.

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