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The influence of social media on ranking factors

4 Social media platforms, driven by the results of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google. I believe that LinkedIn will definitely include 2016. The company is in a great way, I think Google likes it. LinkedIn has become a publisher, and you heard that in 2016, LinkedIn will have something to say when they try to be part of the Big Five.

But now, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are four social media platforms that work in your SEO efforts. Why does Google give social media such an impact on SEO and organic results? I have a theory. I think all the factors involved in another major search engine ranking are “reverse”. Backlinks have been a factor in SEO rankings for many years. Not just a gap, in the algorithm, we are talking about Google’s search engine search results, the main factor in your website ranking. Thinking of this, backlinks are often very suspicious, and they are no longer a credible ranking factor due to spam link building strategies. Do SEO backlinks still have a lot of weight? Absolutely, but we see the backlinks playing less in the role of SEO, we see the impact of social media and social media signals in defending the highest backlinks.

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