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The most common e-commerce problems

You may not even remember the last time you had to do something as ambitious as taking on a project of this magnitude. Every time you try to explain your idea to one of your friends or family, they simply sigh and say good luck with a feeling of no confidence in your voice.

That is the world of electronic commerce , welcome aboard!

It is a strenuous life to start your own online store, but if you strive and prepare for some of the main problems that are guaranteed, the experience will be rewarding, both financially and mentally.

Let’s say you’ve thought of a great new design for basketball shoes and would like to see how they are sold in an online store. You and your business partner prepare a few finished products and sell them at local stores. Now that you have seen people as the designs, it is time to launch online .

Sounds like an amazing plan, but don’t get ahead for now. It is imperative to realize that problems will arise in the future. Whether large or small, they are lurking around the corner to ruin your business, so it is advisable to prepare a plan for each e-commerce problem that you may stumble upon as a beginner. Read on to know these obstacles.

A lack of urgency by customers

Not all products are going to land well with their customers, but they have two situations in which their customers simply don’t show any urgency to buy their products. The first is during the initial stages when you are struggling to get those first sales. This is a difficult obstacle, but it generally has something to do with the way you are marketing your product.

The second situation involves a more established product that is beginning to see a decrease in sales, where it realizes that people are not as quick to buy the product as they were before.

Your plan:

If you are still fishing for those first sales, take a look at your marketing strategy and make some adjustments. Your search engine or social media ads aren’t getting bites? Would it be better to go to events that would promote your product a little better?

In terms of revitalizing a more established product, everything is a matter of urgency. The goal of your website should be to show your customers that they need to buy your product now. Consider emergency tactics, such as timers, free shipping for a certain time and limited inventory counts. These trigger emotions in their users who need to take out their wallets immediately.

Deceptive data of products and websites

There will come a time when you will analyze your analysis and you will realize that one of your products has a better performance than the rest. Whether it is a miscalculation or a situation in which reports put too much emphasis on a single product, it could be hurting sales in other departments.

Your plan:

Your best option is to hire someone who understands e-commerce analysis. Don’t make assumptions until at least you have run your reports through a few people who can come back and help make the choice with you. Completely getting rid of a product due to a bad quarter could harm you in the long term if you don’t realize that it tends to work better during, for example, the holiday season.

Changes in the industry that make their products obsolete

From landlines to VCRs, many companies have relied on products that finally got in the way. It is part of doing business, but some companies can accept the changes, while others fail and sink. Which one will you be?

Your plan:

Swing your strategy to begin determining which products you can present to your store that can replace obsolete items. Consider options that align with your current strategy, and start presenting the products to customers as if it were the savior to replace that obsolete product that they bought in the past.

Competitors trying to beat it

It will happen. Some companies are going to steal your idea, start selling the same products or do something similar. How are you going to fight these actions?

Your plan:

If a company directly stole your idea, it is time to take legal action. Go to a lawyer to see your options. However, fair competition is a different story, since you should start thinking about ways to stand out against the competition. What do you offer that your competitor does not offer? Do you offer free shipping? Is your customer service better? Do you have packages that offer discounts for packaged items? How about a solid blog or a membership program?

Not being able to handle all support traffic

At some point, you will be overwhelmed by the number of people who call, send emails or chat with you to ask questions or complain about your products.

Your plan:

Start hiring a team of support representatives as soon as possible. Your team doesn’t have to be huge. It may be just you and a friend, but this is better than just you. Also, find a customer management system that combines all of your support points into one. It is much easier to respond to Facebook and email messages on one screen than in two.

Discovering that your e-commerce platform does not have some features that you need

Whether you go with Shopify , Magento , WooCommerce, Bigcommerce or one of the hundreds of other e-commerce solutions, you may find a time when a function is not provided to expand and improve your business.

Start by looking for add-ons that you can download to solve the problem. For example, just because Shopify doesn’t have a strong email marketing system doesn’t mean you can’t find one in the app store. If this is not the case, you may need to migrate your store to a more appropriate option. For example, some people discover that they need to migrate from a place like Volusion to buy . This is just an example, but most platforms have procedures to make a smooth transition.


Whether you sell jewelry designed for children or large machinery lubricants to companies around the world, everyone starts from the beginning. If you are nervous about starting your e-commerce journey, don’t worry. Use this article to understand the obstacles that lie ahead and think about your plan to overcome each one as they arise.

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