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Types and benefits of electronic transactions

“Electronic commerce” refers to a transaction form in which contracts and settlements are made using the Internet, and examples of electronic commerce include the Internet, telephone, and mail.

Recently, it has become mainstream to display and trade products in the form of online shops.

What are the benefits of e-commerce?

Types of e-commerce

Electronic commerce can be broadly divided into “B to C” and “B to B”. B represents business (company), C represents consumer, B to C represents business to consumer, and B to B represents business to business.

E-commerce is a typical example of e-commerce, but e-commerce is not just about online shopping.

Let’s see what e-commerce is.

Online marketing
“Online marketing” is a general term for marketing activities performed over the Internet.

Online marketing brings profits to sellers by setting up a website for promotion, collecting customer requests using the Internet, and interacting with customers.

In recent years, the number of companies that conduct electronic commerce in the form of online marketing has increased, and the number of companies that specialize in commissioning online marketing has also increased.

Automatic inventory / purchase management system
The “Automatic Inventory / Purchase Management System” is a system that automatically manages the inventory and purchase status of products in online shops, and has been introduced in many online shops.

There are some inventory management software that can be used free of charge, so they are also used in newly opened shops.

supply chain management
“Supply chain management (SCM)” is one of the electronic commerce and is also called supply chain management.

This is a method of improving operational efficiency by creating a logistics system between companies without limiting logistics within the company.

There are many other forms of electronic commerce such as electronic funds transfer (EFT) and electronic data exchange (EDI).

Merits of e-commerce
There are many attractive benefits of e-commerce. Here are some of the benefits for buyers and sellers.

Merits for buyers
The advantage of buyers in electronic commerce is that it is easy to compare products.

Since the price and quality of the product can be compared with many stores, it is a transaction format that makes it easier to obtain the product that suits you.

In addition, it is also a great merit that you can get it cheaper on the whole than the products in the actual store.
This is because the cost of distribution can be reduced by purchasing the product directly from the seller.

Merits for the seller
The main advantage of the seller is that it does not require a physical store.

Setting up a store will incur significant costs such as initial investment, store maintenance costs, and labor costs for store staff.

In e-commerce, operating in the form of an online shop eliminates the costs and allows you to open a company with little funds.

In addition, even if the operation base is in a rural area, business can be expanded to any region in the country and the world using the Internet, so the range of business can be easily expanded.

In addition, it is also attractive to be able to take a technique called “click and mortar” to achieve a synergistic effect by operating both actual stores and EC sites.

Greater performance can be expected by linking actual stores and EC sites.

E-commerce is easy with “Repist”!
As mentioned above, electronic commerce is a very attractive form of transaction, but for beginners who do not know what to start with, “Repist”, a single item regular mail order support service, is recommended.

If you use a repeatist, you can develop electronic commerce more efficiently and expect high performance.
We also provide support from the site opening until sales increase, so it is safe for beginners.

Let’s aim for more efficient electronic commerce by using the service of Lipist!

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