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What is a backlink

Backlinking means that the station A points to the B station through the domain name or the anchor text, thereby increasing the weight of the website. It is a reference to a web page from another web page. It is also the embodiment of the user’s recognition of the webpage. The more the number of webpage anti-chains, the more popular. According to the search engine voting mechanism, each anti-chain is equivalent to one vote. The more votes, the higher the weight.

[edit] Backlink content
Backlink refers to the relationship between a webpage and a webpage, rather than the association of a webpage and a webpage. The webpages outside the domain name or the webpages other than the domain name are backlinks as long as the mutual references between the webpages. For a web page document, all links from other documents to themselves are called “backlinks.” The more backlinks a web page has, the higher the “famousness” or “support rate” of the document. Evaluate whether backlinks are valuable, the only criterion for judging: whether users are actively recommending them.

Backlinks are extremely important in the SEO process of a website, second only to content weights. Backlinks include links to external websites and internal links to their own websites. For SEO, backlinks are a very important factor in getting good search engine rankings, so the quality of backlinks directly affects the overall website’s seo and the traffic that the website gets from search engines. Search engines can already subdivide web pages into different blocks, each of which has different importance, and the value of the exported links is different. The main part of the general web page is the most important. The importance of backlinks on the subject content is much higher than other locations. However, if a very short number of backlinks are added quickly in a short period of time, it will easily be put into the “sandbox” by Google, which means that the site will not be blocked by Google, but it will not be well ranked. . So don’t be too anxious to add backlinks, step by step.

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