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What is content?

The word content is vague. In fact, it’s not clear that this is content!


“Content is a means of communicating on the web”


  1. Telephone, e-mail, letters, conversations, chats … And on the web, we mainly interact with content through content.


This is especially true for businesses, where buyers and sellers communicate through “content” in most cases .


Communication that doesn’t involve content is about telephone inquiries and inquiry forms.


Buyers now know the seller through various content, compare with competitors, and purchase and service applications. Through content, we connect with customers.



It’s not just about creating content

Therefore, refining content means optimizing communication with customers .


The content created without thinking will become a noise rather than meaningless and will interfere with communication.


Imagine real world communication. Is it possible to communicate if you talk at “when you like”, “what you like”, “as much as you like”, or “as you like”?



I don’t think so.


The same is true in the WEB world. Content


  • “Appropriate content”
  • “At the right time”
  • “Send to the right person”

At least this must be considered.

It is important to create appropriate “content” in consideration of the other party

And as a premise,


Understand who your target is and what needs and wants you have

Understand what thinking steps buyers take to meet their needs and wants

It is necessary to


It is the part that leads to mind flow and concept diagram .


In addition, inbound marketing that targets buyers to “find” their information well by knowing what communication they normally use and how they get information. Will also lead to.


How can you think about the other person? And since this is a business, it is important to understand the customer properly in terms of marketing, and then deliver the appropriate content to the right person at the right time.


n response to the voice that “content is important” is not the beginning

The importance of content is not something that has just started recently. Since the dawn of the Internet, there has been a business model that attracts and nurtures prospective customers based on content and leads to sales.


I have been involved in attracting completely inbound customers since almost 10 years ago, so I can understand that.


However, changes in Google, literacy of buyers, and changes in purchasing behavior have increased the importance of content dozens of times. I have to look more and more.


Are the terms “content marketing” and “content strategy” appropriate?

The terms content marketing and content strategy are two parts of interpretation.


I think the main cause is the ambiguity of the words “content marketing and content strategy”.


Marketing using content has been done for a long time

Whatever you do, isn’t it natural that content is involved?

There’s something like search marketing and social marketing that you can’t do with content alone, and you just use content in it.

I feel that it is all true.


At the end of 2011, when the term “content marketing” was not yet famous in Japan, I thought that the importance of content would increase in the future, and launched a specialized website. I was thinking the same thing while making it. This is not the beginning.


Since content alone does not demonstrate its power, it is strange to talk to search marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc., for example.


Also, content strategy and content marketing inevitably remind us of “inflow media”.




The importance of content continues to increase

Knowing how to make and how to use “content” itself is required more than before

“Content” know-how should be accumulated in a form that is somewhat independent from other marketing means as a cross-border presence

I think.


Therefore, I think “ strategic content production ” is more demand than “content strategy”.


This collection of know-how is also compiled with that thought.


Continue to check overseas trends

That said, the number of searches for “content marketing” overseas has been increasing. I think that the facts in front of you should be taken as facts. I will continue to check it.


So, in creating content, the know-how of “Web content creation” was compiled purely, rather than spicy with specific marketing means. I hope you find this series useful.






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