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What is digital marketing?

The so-called digital marketing refers to a marketing method that achieves marketing goals by means of internet, computer communication technology and digital interactive media.

Advanced computer network

 Digital marketing will use advanced computer network technology as much as possible to seek new market development and new consumers to explore the most effective and cost-effective.

Goal of digital marketing

The goal of digital marketing is to enable our company to reach the market and meet the needs of customers with the lowest cost and the fastest speed.

Modern communication technology

Digital marketing is to give full play to the great role of modern communication technology and computer technology. The whole process of marketing is placed under the control of modern communication technology and computer technology, so that the nerves of enterprises spread throughout every corner of product marketing, allowing enterprise marketing.

Statistics of each product sales available

Each terminal is filled with sensors for product marketing, which changes the information asymmetry between the enterprise and the marketing, realizes the statistics of each product sales, and predicts the market changes, thus achieving the use of marketing figures to guide the production of the company. The use of marketing figures to guide the formulation and implementation of marketing strategies not only achieves the good momentum of “knowing ourselves and knowing each other.

Deeper conceptual revolution

Digital marketing is not only a revolution in technology, but also a deeper conceptual revolution. It is a combination of target marketing, direct marketing, decentralized marketing, customer-oriented marketing, two-way interactive marketing, remote or global marketing, virtual marketing, paperless trading, and customer participatory marketing.

Digital economy era

Digital marketing has given the marketing mix a new connotation. Its functions include information exchange, online purchase, online publishing, electronic money, online advertising, corporate public relations, etc. It is the main marketing method and development trend of enterprises in the digital economy era.

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