What is social media marketing?

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  Social media (SocialMedia) , also known as social media , referring to allowing people to write, share, evaluate, discuss mutual communication sites and technologies . After years of development, China’s social media has shown diversity in its categories. There are mainly forum community, social networking sites , blogs , Weibo , location sign-in, Q&A, WeChat and other types.

  Social media marketing is to use these social media, companies can listen to the voice of users , promote their products , and influence customers in a subtle way .[ edit ]

Social media marketing features

  Compared with other online marketing such as search engine and email , social media marketing’s trust-based communication mechanism and users’ high active participation can affect the consumption decisions of netizens and provide a large number of brands to be spread and enlarged. chance. Social media users have high stickiness and stability , and they are well positioned to provide a more targeted target group for brands . The market for social media marketing is still expanding. It is no longer a place shared by friends, and it has become a brand new business competition model.edit ]

The advantages of social media marketing

  1. Social network marketing can meet different marketing strategies of enterprises

  As a constant innovation and development of marketing model , more and more companies try at SNS their fists on the site, whether it is to carry out a variety of online activities (eg: Lohas brand planting contest, Erie Shu Milk’s happy ranch, etc.) product implantation (for example: house implantation in real estate projects , mobile phone as a gift for implantation, etc.), or market research ( investigate in the cities where the target users are concentrated to understand users ‘ opinions on products and services ) And viral marketing, etc. (videos or content embedded with corporate elements can be shared and reposted as quickly as viruses spread among users), all of which can be implemented here, why do you say that? Because the biggest feature of SNS is that it can fully demonstrate the interaction between people , and this is precisely the basis of all marketing .

  2, social network marketing can effectively reduce the marketing costs of enterprises

  The “many-to-many” information delivery model of social network marketing is more interactive and attracts more people’s attention. With the increasing maturity of Internet users’ behaviors, users are more willing to take the initiative to obtain information and share information. Community users show a high degree of participation, sharing and interactivity. The main medium for social network marketing communication is users. The main method is “public mouth”. According to legend. So with the traditional advertising compared to the form without a lot of advertising, on the contrary because of participation, sharing and interactive features users can easily deepen a brand and a product of cognition , easy to form a deep impression, from the media value to Analysis forms a good communication effect .

  3, can achieve accurate marketing of target users

  Social network marketing users usually know a friend, user registration data , relatively speaking are more realistic, when companies develop Internet marketing can be very easy for the target audience by geography, income screened user’s status, which to choose their own user, which has targeted those users with propaganda and interaction. If there is not much money for corporate marketing , but you want to get a better result, you can only conduct marketing for some regions, such as online activities for users in North, Shanghai, and Guangzhou , so as to achieve the accuracy of target users. Marketing.

  4. Social network marketing is a marketing method that truly meets the needs of online users .

The rapid development of the   social network marketing model is precisely in line with the real needs of network users, participation, sharing and interaction . It represents the characteristics of network users and is also in line with the new trend of network marketing development. No media can make people and people The relationship between them is so close. Whether it’s a friend’s diary, a recommended video, an event, or a new friend, friends will let people know and follow the dynamics of their friends in the first time and share their feelings with them. Only a marketing model that meets the needs of online users can help companies play a greater role in online marketing .

The advantages of social media

1. Quickly establish brand reputation and high cost performance

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter have billions of users who can become a natural audience for brands. Compared to expensive traditional media, you can quickly build a brand with a relatively small budget.

2. Accurately target the target audience

Social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram , LinkedIn, and Twitter can provide you with unexpected precision marketing. These social media platforms are far more aware of customers than other platforms – whether it’s online behavior or offline behavior.

3. Comprehensive data analysis and measurement

I have heard people say: “If you can’t measure, how can you achieve good management?” Under the current powerful social data analysis function, all kinds of marketing initiatives implemented by marketers are supported by scientific data and analysis. Common assessment parameters include:

Brand exposure: number of views, visitors, number of people, number of fans

Customer engagement: likes, comments, sharing , forwarding, clicks

Sales conversions: click, download, subscribe, buy

Brand Proposition: Fans share, forward, fan blog posts, web red posts

4. Easy to implement word of mouth marketing

On social media, good content can easily lead to viral transmission. Recall that the news you heard from your friends, such as news events, celebrity scandals, special products, etc., are mostly from social media.

Disadvantages of social media marketing

1. The amount of content on social media is huge and the competition is fierce

According to a report by eMarketer, 88% of companies in the US have already marketed on social media. These companies have also established blogs or Weibo, regularly posting content on social media networks, and encouraging their customers to actively participate in interactions, messages, and more.

2. There is no shortcut to success

Social media marketing is more like a marathon than a sprint. Successful social media people often spend a lot of time running their own accounts.

Although you can buy powder to buy praise, or use robots to fake the illusion of high interaction, but this is not a long-term security approach, the key to the success of social media is to create quality content.

3. Missing interesting content

Why are so many companies flooded with the wave of social media?

Because they can’t continuously produce interesting, informative, and highly interactive content.

After all, it’s really hard to post a creative new post on social media every week, not to mention the brand of the day. Especially when your brand is a very specialized area for B2B, it is even harder to produce humorous and interesting content.

4. Social media talent is scarce

For brands, the biggest challenge is the lack of suitable social media talent.

To sum up, a qualified social media marketer should have the following qualities:

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