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Why trust is very important Google

has one of the main reasons why social media influence ranks above the backlinks, “Trust.” The influence of social media is even more real. If a page has been shared thousands of times, Google knows that the content may be good. Previously, Google would look at the backlinks to the domain. Now, social media signals are able to pull the first page ranked in Google based on the level of competition for keywords related to the page. But no matter what market you are in what type of niche you operate, the social media signal is your strong ranking factor for SEO.

Look, it’s easy to get a backlink to a fake social media share, like or tweet. Backlinks can be generated automatically with the appropriate software. But social media signals tend to be real and higher trust than backlinks.

Authoritative backlinks are still important, so don’t get me wrong. Backlinks are still a strong ranking factor, but social media is driving data that Google can trust in most cases.

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